Digital RGB Sensors CZ-V20 series

From Colour Differentiation to Lustre/Gloss and Fluorescent Detection

Select the sensor head that fits the application

CZ-V20 series - Digital RGB Sensors

Simple one-touch calibration with a dual digital display and ability to store up to 8 colours. Colour, lustre and fluorescent/UV sensing heads all connect to CZ-V20 Series amplifier.


Detect only specified differences in appearance

The CZ-V20 Series uses a completely different detection principle than other photoelectric sensors. This allows for incredibly stable, high-accuracy colour confirmation and detection of lustre, fluorescence/UV. Each of which are often unstable with conventional photoelectric sensors.

General-purpose photoelectric sensors

False-detection of areas that are not red

CZ-V20 Series

Detection of red areas only

Detect slight colour differences not easily recognised

The CZ-V20 Series enables high-accuracy colour differentiation with the ability to save up to 8 targets.

Colour difference detected

No colour difference detected

Stable detection even at different distances

Stable detection of the specified colour is possible even if the distance to the target changes.

General-purpose reflective sensors

Detection is not possible at longer distances

CZ-V20 Series

Colour detection is not affected by distance to target

Easy, one-button setup

Setting up the CZ-V20 Series is as easy as presenting the desired target to the sensor and pressing SET.

Digital display for accurate configuration of sensitivity settings

The dual digital display shows the current value and the set value at the same time for easy operation, status confirmation, and intuitive fine-tuning.