High-speed Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F020 series

This product has been discontinued.

High-speed Static Elimination Blower SJ-F020 series

SJ-F020 series - High-speed Static Elimination Blower

The SJ-F uses a pulse DC static elimination method in accordance with the blower's characteristics. This device to deliver the best static elimination capacity in its class.


  • High-precision ±10 V ion balance
  • Air volume adjustment knob
  • Free angle construction


Latest Technology

Eliminate static electricity for a target area of up to 400 mm at an installation distance of 200 to 1000 mm. Without the need for an air supply, the SJ-F300 is suitable for desktop use.

SJ-F300 series - High-Speed/Wide Area Static Eliminator

  • 2x the elimination area as previous models
  • 2x the elimination speed as previous models
  • Automatic sensing and feedback functions using the I.C.C. method
  • World's First - Connect 5 blowers to a single controller

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