Vision Sensor IV series

Ultra-Compact, Easy Configuration

The IV Series detects various product features simultaneously

IV series - Vision Sensor

Difficult applications that formerly required multiple conventional photoelectric sensors or proximity sensors can now be tackled easily and at low cost with one IV Series vision sensor.

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV2 Series

Built-in Artificial Intelligence for stable detection in any environment.

  • Imaging technology
  • Optimal detection settings using AI
  • Additional learning possible for handling variations

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Easily Install Into Any Application

Self-contained models mean no additional amplifer or hardware is required, reducing installation complication and time. Focus and brightness can be adjusted automatically, resulting in an intuitive setup and a stable program that can be created in just minutes.

Various Detection Tools

A wide variety of detection tools are available to meet multiple needs, including color, shape, edge, diameter, width, pitch, and character recognition.