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KV-8000 series

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This model has been discontinued.
Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

16-point Screw Terminal Block, Transistor (Sink) KV-B16TA

KV-B16TA - 16-point Screw Terminal Block, Transistor (Sink)

*Please note that accessories depicted in the image are for illustrative purposes only and may not be included with the product.

Data Sheet (PDF)


CAD Data

360°view (3D PDF)


  • CE Marking
  • UL Listing(us)





Output Unit

External connection mode

Connectable terminal block


Number of outputs

16 points

Output form

Transistor (NPN)

Rated load

DC 30 V, 0.2 A

Leak current at OFF

100 µA or less

Residual voltage at ON

0.5 V or less

Common point mode

16 points/1 common (2 terminals)*1

Operating time

OFF to ON: 10 µs or less, ON to OFF: 200 µs or less

Internal current consumption

30 mA or less


Approx. 130 g

*1 Although the KV-C32TA(P) and KV-B16TA(P) have 2 COM points, internally they share a common circuit.

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