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          Programmable ControllerKV-8000 series

          High speed I/O unit



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          High-speed I/O unit

          External connection mode

          Connector (MIL standard)*2


          Number of inputs

          32 points

          Input mode

          24 VDC mode, 5 VDC mode*3 (Overvoltage protection function included*4)

          Max. input voltage

          24 VDC mode: 28.8 VDC, 5 VDC mode: 6.0 VDC

          Rated input voltage

          24 VDC mode: 24 VDC 5.1 mA, 5 VDC mode: 5 VDC 8.8 mA

          Min. ON voltage

          24 VDC mode: 19 V, 5 VDC mode: 3.5 V

          Max. OFF current

          24 VDC mode: 1.5 mA

          Max. OFF voltage

          5 VDC mode: 1.5 V

          Common point mode

          16 points/1 common point (2 terminals)*5

          Input time constant

          1 µs/10 µs/20 µs/100 µs/500 µs/1 ms/5 ms/10 ms/50 ms

          Input impedance

          24 VDC mode: 4.4 kΩ, 5 VDC mode: 350 Ω


          Number of outputs

          32 points

          Output form

          MOSFET (N-ch) (with overcurrent protection function)*6

          Rated load

          30 VDC 0.2 A (1.6 A/1 common point)

          Leak current at OFF

          100 µA or less

          Residual voltage at ON

          0.5 VDC or less

          Common point mode

          16 points/1 common point (2 terminals)*5

          Operating time

          OFF to ON: 1 µs or less (Load: 5 mA to 200 mA)
          ON to OFF: 5 µs or less (Load: 5 mA to 200 mA)

          Internal current consumption

          130 mA or less


          Approx. 190 g

          *1 For KV-8000/KV-7000 Series
          *2 Connectors for connector-type I/O units are not included. MIL40-pin slender connector kit OP-51404 and MIL40-pin connector kit OP-22184 are available separately.
          *3 5 VDC mode can only be used with IN100 to IN115.
          *4 If an overvoltage is detected, all inputs (IN100 to IN115) in the shared commons will be turned OFF until the power is cycled or until PRG is switched to RUN.
          *5 The four input and output COMs (input COM0 and COM1, and output COM2 and COM3) are independent. For each COM, those with two terminals are short-circuited internally.
          *6 Even if an overcurrent is detected at only one point, protection operation (output OFF) will be enforced for all of the outputs in the shared commons (COM2: OUT200 to 215, COM3: OUT300 to 315) and automatic recovery will be repeated until the cause is eliminated.

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