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Programmable ControllerKV-8000 series

High speed counter unit



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High-speed counter unit

Input frequency

4 MHz (16 MHz during 2-phase, 4 times multiplication)

Counting range

32 bits

Number of channels

2 ch


Input selection

External terminal (CH0, CH1), internal clock (0.05 µs, 1 µs, 10 µs, 100 µs), other CH coincidence output,
Communication: EnDat2.2/22, BiSS (C-mode), YASKAWA serial

Input mode

1-pulse with/without direction, 2-pulse addition/subtraction operation, 2-phase 1X/2X/4X

Counting operation mode

Up-down counting mode, Enable counting mode, Preset counting mode,
Set timer counting mode, Enable accumulative counting mode

Counting mode

Linear, ring

Frequency, revolution counter operation mode

Frequency counting mode, revolution counter B mode (1-revolution time measurement)
Revolution counter A mode (pulse interval measurement)


Count input

A-phase/B-phase/Z-phase (preset), 3 points for each channel, 6 points in total
5/12/24 VDC input possible, line driver input possible, photocoupler insulation

Control input

Enable (also used for input capture) input, 1 point for each channel, 2 points in total 12 to 24 V DC input possible, photocoupler insulatio
Input capture input, 2 point for each channel, 4 points in total 12 to 24 V DC input possible, photocoupler insulation


Comparator coincidence output

2 points for each channel, 4 points in total, photocoupler insulation
Rated load: 30 VDC 0.2 A or less

Input capture function

By external input (max. 4 points)

Buffering function

Buffering period: 1 µs or longer

Input filter function

Input time constant switching (6 types of counting/9 types of control)

Preset function

Possible to select from preset (Z-phase) input and internal relay-based rising edge/falling edge/level (only when an external input is used)

Serial encoder communication function

Supported encoder

Absolute encoders that support EnDat2.2/22, BiSS (C-mode), and YASKAWA serial

Communication cycle

EnDat2.2/22: 50 µs, BiSS (C-mode): 50 µs, YASKAWA serial: 62.5 µs


Equivalent to a differential line receptor that meets the EIA RS485 standard


Equivalent to a differential line driver that meets the EIA RS485 standard

Encoder 5 V power

5 VDC (±5 %), 300 mA or less

Other functions

Unit interrupt, inter-unit synchronisation

Internal current consumption

190 mA or less


Approx. 130 g

*1 For KV-8000/KV-7000 Series

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