Electrostatic Sensor SK series

Digitalise and Save Static Electricity Data Easily

Effective visualisation of on-site static electricity

SK series - Electrostatic Sensor

The SK Series makes it easy to instantly check static electricity levels on products and areas throughout a production environment. Use the SK Series to also confirm whether static eliminators are effective and to check humidity and temperature levels.


Varied Lineup

Choose between a convenient hand-held type that simplifies static electricity measurement, and a compact fixed type for constant in-line static electricity measurement.

High-Precision and Wide-Range Measurements

KEYENCE can accommodate your needs from high-precision measurements with one-volt unit display resolution to measurements of highly charged objects, up to ±50 kV.

Charge Monitor Function

The SK-H050 features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and ion balance, both of which indicate an ionizer’s static elimination capability. This allows users to conveniently measure their ionizer’s static elimination capability.

* An ionizer monitoring unit SK-H055, sold separately, is required.

STATIC HUMIDITY + ELECTRICITY Simultaneous Measurement

Relationship between humidity and static charge (typical example)

Measuring static electricity and humidity simultaneously makes it possible identify likely areas of static-related problems, paving the way for optimal static electricity countermeasures.